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Monster Dragon Tea Green Tea

Smooth and not too sweet, with the classic Monster energy blend.

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After being impressed with the Monster White Tea (and most of Monster’s lineup in general recently), I’m siked to try Green Tea - which I didn’t know existed! White Tea was smooth and tasted like, well, good tea, so let’s see if Green tea is more of the same.



Gonna give an 8 for taste here. White Tea was smooth and walked the fine line of not being too sweet, Green Tea is exactly the same - in a great way if I’m not being clear. A good comparison would be any popular tea on the market - Arizona, Lipton, etc. But while those can be too sweet and overpowering, Monster did a fantastic job keeping it smooth, while maintaining a solid sugar/sweetness and caffeine level.



8.5 because it has a dragon on the front. Enough said. Pours out brown-ish with no carbonation.



Kick is the standard Monster energy blend, minus a few mg of caffeine, putting it at 155. Has 8g of sugar per can (shoutout sucralose) and a good % of B vitamins.


If you’re a tea guy, which I am (ok maybe I’m just a caffeine guy) then you’ll love this drink and the rest of the Monster Dragon Tea lineup. It’s a drink I could see coming back to AND as a change of pace, which should say a lot.

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