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Juice Monster Pacific Punch

It tastes like carbonated Hawaiian Punch, in a really good way.

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It’s been a journey from being hesitant about ever trying the Monster punches, to being a huge fan after loving Monster Khaos and Pipeline Punch. But hey, that’s character development. I have high expectations now - don’t let me down Monster.



Consider the high bar passed - I gave a 7.75 for Pipeline Punch, this is even stronger at 8.75. It tastes like carbonated Hawaiian Punch, in a really good way. It again toes the fine line of being too sweet without ever crossing. Another good comparison would be Reign Inferno Red Dragon, but a bit sweeter and more “fruit punch-y”.



The new Monster cans are confirmed badass (by me, obviously the authority). I had Monster Dragon Tea Green Tea the other day - that had a a fucking dragon on it. Here we’ve got a mermaid, boat, shark, and anchor! Definitely one of the coolest cans around. Pours out red with medium carbonation.



Monster energy blend with a lot of added sugar. 51g. I didn’t realize until I looked at the can - YIKES.


I actually had 8.5 written down before I saw how much sugar this has. Gonna dock it .25 for that, but I’m not gonna let that soil the overall review. It was delicious, and completely anecdotally I played my best ever round of golf directly after, so it 100% confirmed has an amazing kick.

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