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Juice Monster Khaos

A refreshing combination of Monster Mango Loco and Monster Ultra Sunrise - in the best way.

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Shoutout r/energydrinks on Reddit for getting me hip to this one! The boys & girls on there are big fans of Khaos, and since there are rumors that it’s getting discontinued I decided I need to get on the hype train before it leaves the station. Drinking this before I go to the driving range, so I’ll try to not let my future lackluster performance bias the review.



Big fan of the flavor. With all of the ambiguous flavors floating around the energy drink ethos nowadays, it’s impressive to be able to pick out and pinpoint the included fruits. Which I guess makes sense since it’s Monster “Juice”. It’s a nice mix of apple, orange, peach that pairs well with the light carbonation.



8 for appearance for the simple yet elegant can. Plus Khaos is a sick name - I don’t know why they used a K in place of the C, but it plays. Pours out light orange with low to medium carbonation.



From the can - ‘Our Pro Athletes are always looking for an edge, so when they`ve got an idea we listen. After months in the lab we perfected the "Juice Monster."’ Interesting that Monster is targeting athletes with this one, it’s not what I would have thought of off the bat. But it is refreshing, and with Monster’s classic energy blend (albeit with 154mg of caffeine), you really can’t go wrong.


This is an 8 overall for me. It makes me think of a combination of the best attributes of Monster Mango Loco and Monster Ultra Sunrise. It’s fruity like Mango Loco, but not as “syrupy”. And it’s carbonated and has great orange flavor like Ultra Sunrise, but isn’t as aggressive with the bubbles. All of that comes out a refreshing, fruity energy drink that I think I’ll find myself reaching for more and more before it gets discontinued.

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