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Jocko Go Tropic Thunder

Above average but nowhere near exceptional. Bold flavor combination with a weird aftertaste.

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We got a request to review Jocko Go from a patron of the site, so I was on the prowl for the drink for about a month before I spotted a medley of flavors at a random Sheetz in North Carolina. You already know I had to get a trifecta for the Sharks to review.



One of the most interesting flavor profiles that I've had in a while. The coconut comes through strong; the pineapple less so. The aftertaste is strong. There's a slight bitterness and then an aftertaste that I associate with artificial sweetener. I had slightly higher expectations as a lover of both coconut and pineapple - but this is by no means a bad drink. The combo is still extremely light and refreshing.



I like the can design and color scheme, and tropic thunder is an amazing name for a Pineapple + Coconut combo. I wish more drinks had creative names like this.



The advertised energy blend contains natural caffeine, nootropics, amino acids, and electrolytes. Caffeine content is only 95 mg for the 12 oz can. It's not giving me any tangible boost but I can appreciate the low caffeine content as a simple coffee substitute or athletic recovery drink, with the electrolytes.


I really appreciate the recommendation, and encourage anyone else who doesn't find a drink on our site to request a review. Otherwise I never would have had an eye out for it.

Overall it's above average, but nowhere near exceptional in any capacity. I like the bold flavor combination as well as the low caffeine content for what it is. I think Jocko could carve out a nice niche at that level if their other flavors can top this one.

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