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Cocaine Energy Drink Spicy

It literally has chili powder extract.

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I am the last of my colleagues to review this drink, and the results so far are not flattering. Matt rated it a 2.8/10, and Cameron rated it a 4.3/10. Knowing these scores, I literally left it in the back of my fridge for 2 years until Matt finally pressured me into drinking it today.

I am honest-to-god frightened of the pepper on the can. Although I'm really hoping that some of the fruit flavor featured in the Mixed Berry Cocaine variant is present here. Let's find out.



My fellow Sharks are on point, but also wrong at the same time here. Yes, the first sip is "gnarly". Yes, the drink burns the back of your throat and nose. Yes, it's off-putting to have a drink be spicy.

But what I didn't realize after reading my friends' reviews was that there's a nice fruit punch flavor hiding beneath the surface! I do wish the spiciness was turned down a bit, but all in all this is a 5.0/10 drink.

No, I wouldn't seek it out again. But I'm enjoying the experience. Also it literally has chili pepper extract....



Stupid can. But maybe it's so stupid it's good. I don't know any more.



Mouth feel? Nah, nose and throat feel. 280mg of caffeine in a 12oz can. 23g of sugar.


For being such an aggressive drink, it feels anti-climactic to give it the ol' 5.0/10. It's truly not that bad though. Don't listen to my friends and give it a try, you might just enjoy it.

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