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Coca-Cola Energy Cherry

Spoiler alert, it tastes exactly like Cherry Coke. But with 3x the caffeine.

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After trying Coca-Cola Energy, I'm 99% sure I know exactly what Coca-Cola Energy Cherry is going to taste like. Cherry Coke. Which will be awesome for me since I love Cherry Coke.



Spoiler alert, I'm right. It's Cherry Coke. Literally no difference in taste. For those who haven't had Cherry Coke, it's Coca-Cola with a artificial cherry flavor that comes through relatively strong. If you haven't had Coca-Cola, more power to you bro. I got nothin'.



It's got a nice pink-purple scheme that blends with the black.



114mg caffeine, 39g of sugar. Sipped it slowly and felt a small energy boost towards the end. Not going to blow you away if you're used to typical energy drinks.


A tad more sad now that Coca-Cola is discontinuing their Energy line, after trying both the original and cherry flavors. There's something to be said about both tasting exactly like their non-energy predecessors while having 3x the caffeine content. However, I get that a lot consumers want something different than their grandma's cola when spending 2-3 dollars on an energy drink.

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