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Coca-Cola Energy

It tastes like Coca-Cola. You're welcome.

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Buying products after they get discontinued, always a great idea for a review website, right? After hearing seriously mixed reviews on Coca-Cola Energy I had to try it before they start disappearing from shelves.



What's the best way to put this... it tastes exactly like normal Coca-Cola. Which honestly, isn't a bad thing assuming you like the original. It's impressive that they essentially tripled the caffeine content but got the flavor to remain unchanged.

To me, original Coca-Cola is a 7/10 taste so that's my rating here as well. I prefer Pepsi which is why I have Bang Miami Cola (which is a copycat taste profile-wise to Pepsi in my humble opinion) ranked ever so slightly higher.



It's a plus can. A wavy black design accentuates the world renowned Coca-Cola red. It's nothing special but I think we can rule out the can being the reason that this lineup was discontinued.



114mg of caffeine in a 12oz can. Which is not bad. That's about the caffeine content of a cup of coffee. The Google machine tells me that classic Coca-Cola has 34mg of caffeine for the same size.


Apparently having an identical flavor profile to the most popular beverage in the world wasn't enough for the energy drink community. But seriously, I'm a bit surprised that Coca-Cola Energy flopped and is getting discontinued. Price-wise I get it - who wants to pay $3 for a soda they're used to getting for $1?

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