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CELSIUS ESSENTIALS Sparkling Cherry Limeade

Strong limeade, subtle cherry.

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First time seeing these new ESSENTIALS cans. Of course Celsius is coming out with more drinks so that I'm always catching up. Anything Limeade is always intriguing to me and usually up my alley.



I'm used to a subtle or balanced blended limeade taste but this limeade comes in really strong. It's much more pronounced then the cherry here. It doesn't have the same bitterness that I'm used to in the traditional Celsius drinks. Instead it reminds me of a C4. Unfortunately, when comparing it to a C4, it doesn't quite stack up to the C4 Twisted Limeade.



Can is simple but not in a good way, in my opinion.



300 mg instead of the typical 200 mg from Celsius. The boost was aptly more noticeable.


Very good, bordering on great. I'm excited to explore the other new ESSENTIALS and see if any get to elite.

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