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C4 Twisted Limeade

Like a Diet Dew with a generous splash of lime.

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C4 reviews coming in HOT since I scooped up every flavor I saw in a random gas station. Last C4 was Freedom Ice, which tasted like a super-sweet bomb pop. It was one of the best first sips I've ever had, but the taste fell off hard (i.e. didn't grow on me). I'm hoping Twisted Limeade can keep the first sip energy while staying strong throughout the entire beverage.



Wow, I love limeade so I don't know why I wasn't excited for this drink. I think it stems from being baited by the plethora of cherry limeade flavors masquerading around energy drink aisles at the moment - which always have muted limeade taste, drowned out by the cherry.

The first sip was great, as expected. And beating my expectations, the taste never fell off! The taste profile best compares to a Diet Mountain Dew, in my opinion, but with a much heavier lime influence. It's sweet but not notably syrupy, and doesn't have the fake sugar aftertaste that's sometimes present in zero sugar/calorie drinks.



I haven't paid much attention to C4 (mostly since I haven't seen them until now), but they all seem to have great can design. Yellow and black are the core colors with a splash of green to represent the limeade. Freedom Ice had the "Superbrain" marketing going on, talking about the boost to brain power.

Twisted Limeade appears to be the "Superhuman" counterpart, targeting the active/workout crowd. I dig the can and marketing efforts overall.



200mg of caffeine so you know I'm a fan. Love that they're targeting the workout crowd but aren't pushing 300+, which can be straight up unnecessary. Advertised is CARNOSYN, which advertises fighting fatigue, and BETAPOWER, which mentions supporting hydration and physical performance.


To wrap up I'm a massive fan of C4 Twisted Limeade. It's got everything you need; the perfect amount of caffeine, sweet but not too sweet fruity taste, and a redrinkable limeade flavor that's underrepresented in the current energy drink market. For me it slots in as a top tier beverage that will be near the top of my rankings.

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