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C4 Freedom Ice

Bomb pop extreme sweetness that Benjamin Button grows on you.

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Latest at night I’ve been sipping an energy drink in a while since I haven’t been on the gaming grind. After a long Friday of work and needing to rally it’s time for C4 Freedom Ice, which I had to pick up since it’s my first time seeing C4 in the wild! 10pm and I’m looking for great taste and a solid kick - let’s see what Freedom Ice has got.



Taste is really good, although the novelty has worn off the more I’ve been drinking it. It tastes like a bomb pop; really sugary with some vaguely fruity notes. I can’t say I taste the advertised fermented green tea leaves, but the sweetness is smooth if not slightly over the top.



Dope silver, red, and blue gradient can. It’s more subtle than the new Full Throttle, which is a bit too “America, fuck yeah!” for me. It’s got some interesting marketing revolving around “Superbrain Performance Fuel”. It’s interesting to me since I would expect C4 to target the workout crowd more than the brainiac crowd, but maybe in today’s day and age those lines are blurred.



200mg of caffeine, which is a big plus for me. The perfect amount for the self-aware caffeine addict. I’m not jumping off walls after half the drink but that’s probably because I’m tired and well, it’s only 100 mg of caffeine for an admitted addict.


To wrap up, I think fans of sugary drinks will really love this. As a fan of the more moderate to bitter, the sweetness hit me like a truck and didn’t age well. I like it as an occasional treat that I’ll definitely reach for again.

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