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BANG Cherry Blade Lemonade

If you want an awesome Bang kick with a surprisingly chill cherry lemonade flavor, this is the drink for you.

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Matt got 2 Bangs at our local bodega and gave me my choice; this one and Star Blast. Which one would you have chosen? Let me know.

I’ve only tried a few bangs at this point and so far, I haven’t been impressed. I think my exact quote to Matt yesterday was “I’m waiting to actually like one, because otherwise I don’t get how they keep coming out with all these flavors.” Will Cherry Blade Lemonade be the one?



The first bang I’ve actually liked! I like cherry and lemonade individually, but I was not confident in Bang to pull off this simple combo.

After having Bang Birthday Cake, this blows it out of the water. Unlike that beverage that I shudder to think about, this isn’t too sweet. I’m not only rejuvenated IRL because of this insane energy blend, but rejuvenated about trying more Bangs.



I think the bang logo is stupid but they must be doing something right to have like 200 flavors out, right? Can has a lot going on, with a silver, green, red, and black color scheme. Pours out clear with medium carbonation.

Not sure if the name of the drink should be discussed in this section but fuck it - what the hell is a Cherry Blade? I kind of hate it, but it also kind of sounds awesome. I guess it gets the people going.



Advertised energy blend is Super Creatine, Ultra COQ10, EAA Aminos, and 300mg of caffeine. Putting “Super” and “Ultra” on there seems dramatic, but we all know that Bang has a kick-ass kick.

I’ll provide an update after I finish the drink, but right now it’s helping me cruise through the end of my Friyay work day.


I’m a fan, and I’m finally starting to understand some of the hype around Bang. Maybe it’s not just the 300mg of caffeine, a stupid logo, and having hot instagram models repping their gear. If Bang has some banging flavors to follow up Cherry Blade Lemonade, I’m here for it.

If you want an awesome Bang kick with a surprisingly chill cherry lemonade flavor, this is the drink for you.

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