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Adrenaline Shoc Shoc Wave

With its inoffensive flavor, it’s easily re-drinkable, and I’d recommend it if you’re looking for a big kick.

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High expectations coming into this review after giving out one of my highest overall scores ever for Adrenaline Shoc Acai Berry.

Acai Berry was sweet, bitter, and had an awesome kick, so I’m hoping they didn’t mess with that formula in this drink. Also curious what flavor they go with for their “original” version. I feel like it’s usually vaguely citrus, or a blatant knock off of Monster. Fingers crossed it’s the former or something unique!



This is a nice follow up to the Adrenaline Shoc Acai Berry for me. If I had to compare it to another energy drink, it would be Uptime Original Citrus but with the distinct bitterness that I’ve experienced in all of the Adrenaline Shocs.

Less carbonation, which isn’t saying much since I’ve never had a drink with more.

I like that the boys & girls at Adrenaline Shoc didn’t try to copy Red Bull or Monster, instead making their own distinct “original” that holds its own. Gonna give it a 8.5, but with the asterisk that it has a TON of re-drinkability as a simple, delicious flavor that won’t overwhelm you.



Big fan of the sharp lines and clean font + design. Knocking one off here compared to the Acai Berry since it doesn’t catch the eye as much with black and silver.

Pours out clear with medium carbonation.



Natural Caffeine, Ocean Minerals, Essential Amino Acids, and BCAAs combine for the Adrenaline Shoc energy blend. Although I compared the taste to Uptime, this blows Uptime out of the water when it comes to caffeine content. So proceed with caution if you’re not used to 300mg.


Although I can’t say that I’m tasting the Ocean Minerals, Adrenaline Shoc is slowly becoming one of my favorite energy drink lineups. Adrenaline Shoc has a great combination of sweet & sour without being overwhelming on either front. With its inoffensive flavor, it’s easily re-drinkable, and I’d recommend it if you’re looking for a big kick.

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