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Zoa Super Berry

Good tasting, somewhat refreshing, and gives a moderate kick, but does not stand out in any category. Average across the board.

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Zoa Super Berry is extremely average in every way. It is enjoyable, and gives you exactly what you would expect from a cherry limeade beverage; nothing more, nothing less. An average energy drink is still good tasting, somewhat refreshing, and gives a moderate kick, but does not excel in any category.


Cherry limeade lovers, look no further. This is an on the nose variation of a cherry limeade energy drink. 160mg of caffeine per can (10mg/floz) is also a standard amount that most people who frequently consume energy drinks are accustomed to having. A 7.5 indicates that this is an enjoyable beverage; it just is not remarkable in any category.


The flavor is a bit mild, and the kick is lacking for my taste. There is just nothing that excites me about Zoa in general. It is a safe energy drink, and is enjoyable for casual consumers or those more well-versed. It just has nothing that makes it stand out from the rest.


Zoa Super Berry is boring, but still enjoyable. It is a mild energy drink with a solid cherry limeade flavor and average caffeine content. Nothing about this will excite you, but you will likely at least somewhat enjoy it regardless of your experience with energy drinks.

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