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Wired X344 Berry Rush

Insane kick, but bitter, artificial, and rather unenjoyable flavor.

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Overly artificial and rather gross if I’m being honest. I did not enjoy this drink all that much and didn’t finish it. The caffeine content is extremely high with 344mg per 16oz can, but that’s not the only alarming aspect of this energy drink. It also has 180mcg of Vitamin B12. For reference, that is 7,490% of your daily value. The original Wired X344 only has 9mcg. The energy rush is real, but it can be too much with a taste that just isn’t worth it regardless.


Do you need to wake up and have a mild manufactured adrenaline rush? If so, try this out. The bitter berry taste may be appealing to some, and the kick is wild.


If you are not an avid energy drink consumer, then this is not a good starting point for you. The kick may be too much for some people with lower tolerance levels. The taste is also overly artificial and not very enjoyable. This brand in general is one I will likely avoid henceforth.


Crazy kick with a bitter artificial mixed berry flavor. That’s exactly what you’re getting here. There really is not much more to say about it. If you like high amounts of caffeine, B6, and B12, try it out. If you want something more mild and enjoyable, look elsewhere.

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