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Wired X344

Crazy energy, poor taste. It was cheap, effective, and definitely not worth having again.

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Wired X344 is one of the only energy drinks easily available with over 300mg of caffeine. With 344mg per can (21.5mg/floz), it is guaranteed to get you going. Wired is an interesting taste because the only comparison I can accurately make is that it reminds me of the original Rip It. It has an artificial, yet mostly indistinguishable taste that is less than optimal. You will not necessarily enjoy drinking Wired X344, but it will certainly wake you up and get you going.


I am going to start the upside section with appearance. While only rated a 7.5/10, I must mention their other beverages. Pretty much all other Wired energy drinks, particularly the X3000 and XBerry Rush are upwards of 9.5/10. The orange falls short in the X344 in my opinion, but the design is still cool. The kick is what separates this from many others. There are very few beverages that will amp you up like this. Take your standard Red Bull or other 160mg energy drinks, double it, then add a Barq’s Root Beer and you have the caffeine content of WiredX344.


The taste is not refreshing nor enjoyable. It rivals Rip It, and that is no compliment. It also has 50g of sugar which seems unnecessary. Unless I want an immediate insane energy boost, there is really no reason I would choose to have this particular Wired again.


If you want something different to rev you up that most of your friends likely have never seen, Wired X344 is a solid option. I got this for 94 cents at a Safeway, and they were not even on sale. While I would have loved this kind of cheap energy in college, I see no reason to ever consume this again.

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