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UPTIME Original Citrus Cane Sugar

Inferior to most other citrus energy drinks. A weak flavor and low kick make it undesirable for energy drink fanatics.

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When I first opened Uptime Original Citrus, it was ice cold and mildly refreshing. I was ready to give it a solid 5.5-6/10. After just a couple of minutes, it started heating to room temperature, and I would have trouble rating it higher than a 2-2.5/10. Since I believe a drink should not be required to be kept borderline freezing to be even mildly refreshing, I gave it a 3.5/10. Uptime Original Citrus has a mild citrus flavor, which I find weak compared to most other citrus energy drinks. When it is not cold, the bitter aftertaste is stronger as well. It has 37g of sugar in a 12oz can, so there is not really a need for artificial sweetener. With 142mg of caffeine (11.83mg/floz), it has a decent concentration of caffeine, but not enough in the 12oz can to really rev you up. Overall, there are far superior citrus energy drinks than Uptime Original Citrus.


The upside is that it is a really light beverage. While I do not necessarily prefer this for my energy drinks, it is different than many major brands and can be desirable as such. It is also quite smooth despite a decent level of carbonation. Besides this, I do not see much upside to drinking Uptime Original Citrus over other citrus beverages.


The sugar content is high, the caffeine content is low, and the flavor is not nearly as good as most other citrus energy drinks. The kick is practically nonexistent as it is smooth upon hitting your tongue and will not rev you up in any capacity. The appearance is weak as the cans are quite bland. Most energy drinks with sugar are desirable because the sugar should theoretically enhance the taste over those with more artificial sweetener, but I fail to recognize this with Uptime Original Citrus. I would never go out of my way to consume another one of these, and I am only going through the Uptime flavors to write these reviews.


Uptime Original Citrus is one of my least favorite citrus energy drinks. When it is ice cold, it is actually quite refreshing. As soon as it starts warming up within two minutes of removing it from a cooling source, it gets considerably worse. If you want a good citrus energy drink, go look at some of my other reviews. Most arel considerably superior to Uptime Original Citrus.

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