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Triton Strawberry Kiwi

Overall delicious. Not bitter like most other Tritons. The natural kiwi strawberry flavor is an incredible choice, and not ruined by sugar or too much artificial sweetener. Highly recommended.

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Triton Strawberry Kiwi is by far the best tasting Triton. Most Tritons are bitter and do a poor job at masking the bitterness of the natural caffeine. This drink has a wonderful taste and is truly a delicious beverage. The kiwi strawberry flavor is smooth and sweet without the need for too much artificial sweetener. Triton stays true to its formula, but the flavor selection is impeccable.


The taste is incredible. It is naturally sweet without the need for sugar or too much artificial sweetener. Triton Strawberry Kiwi has 200mg caffeine per can (12.5mg/floz), which delivers a decent kick. The mouth feel is much better than that of other Tritons. While it has the same carbonation, the lack of a bitter aftertaste is what separates it from its counterparts. There is no real crash either since there is 0 sugar and not quite enough caffeine to trigger such a response. This is a wonderful beverage, and I highly recommend it to those who have not had it or written off Triton as a brand because most of the other flavors are subpar. The can is also really cool looking as the Triton logo over a neon green background looks better than most of the others.


The brand Triton is not as good as most other brands, so Triton Strawberry Kiwi may go unrecognized. It also will not amp you up to the level of most sports performance energy drinks such as Reign and Bang. If it had the same taste and mouthfeel with a slightly higher kick, this would have broken the 9/10 overall threshold.


Triton Strawberry Kiwi is an overlooked energy drink because the Triton brand is generally subpar. This is an amazing energy drink with a natural kiwi strawberry flavor, and has a much better mouth feel than other Tritons due to the lack of a bitter aftertaste most others contain. There is no sugar and not very much artificial sweetener, so it tastes delicious while delivering 200mg of caffeine. There is no real crash afterwards, and I highly recommend this drink to anyone who has not tried it.

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