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Triton Original

Bitter lemony citrus taste. It grows on you over time, but not enough to start in the first place. There are far superior citrus energy drinks to consume in its stead.

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Triton Original is one of the few energy drinks that grows on you over time. It is like an IPA where it seems bitter upon the initial sip, but you end up enjoying it in the end. Unfortunately, enjoyment would be too strong of a word for this energy drink. It is a bitter lemony citrus that is the absolute opposite of refreshing. In fact, the first time I had Triton Original, I had just gotten home from a bike ride. I was parched and wanted something refreshing. The bar was so low because I was dehydrated and would have enjoyed just about anything, but Triton Original was so bad that I did not even enjoy it then. It is a 4.4/10 overall and not lower because it grew on me over time. Unfortunately, it never amounted to anything special.


It has 200mg of caffeine per can (12.5mg/floz), which is a very solid amount for an energy drink. It is not as low as most original flavors (160mg), but not as high as the performance energy drinks (300mg). It will deliver a decent kick without inducing jittery feelings to those not acclimated to caffeine, and will make energy drink fanatics feel as they expect. The color scheme on the can is also awesome with light blue and black, but the Triton logo is slightly above average in my opinion, giving appearance 7.5/10.


Triton Original is so bitter. I know caffeine is naturally bitter, but please add some more sweetener. Triton may be the least artificial tasting 0 Calorie energy I have tried, but in return they do nothing to mask the bitterness of natural caffeine. I think Triton Original would taste more like the original super dry Monster Maxx if they added some sugar and sweetener to the mix. Some people may enjoy the bitterness, but I am not one of them.


The bitter lemony citrus taste is subpar with a comparable mouth feel. There are far superior citrus energy drinks. 200mg of caffeine is relatively unique among major brands, so that may be appealing to some. Besides that, there really is no reason I would go out of my way to acquire a Triton Original.

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