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Triton Blood Orange Yuzu

Very orange. Excessively sweet. Bold can. Delicious on occasion if you like sweet orange beverages.

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Triton Blood Orange Yuzu is one of the sweetest energy drinks I have ever had. It is sugar free, so the amount of sweetener must be extreme. It is the only beverage that tastes more like Orange Fanta than Orange Fanta. I personally enjoy orange flavors (hence the 7.5 overall), but this one is probably too sweet for most people to fully enjoy.


200mg caffeine per can (12.5mg/floz) is a solid amount of caffeine. Most people who have previously relied on coffee to wake up or are Monster/Redbull junkies (we all know them) are not quite ready to consume Reign, Bang, or other 300+mg energy drinks. If people want to try something new, Triton Blood Orange Yuzu is great because it is a unique flavor for an energy drink and has a solid amount of caffeine. The can is also shiny and looks dope with the bright orange on top of a black background.


Triton Blood Orange Yuzu is excessively sweet. If you do not like overly sweet beverages, then you will likely not enjoy this drink. It is also very orange. I think everyone knows what I mean when I say that “orange” drinks are overpowering and can be a bit distracting at times. I would not consume this drink while trying to focus because it will immediately draw too much attention to itself.


Overall, I do really like Triton Blood Orange Yuzu. It is a sweet orange beverage with a solid amount of caffeine. If you like all of those components, then you too will enjoy it. Triton Blood Orange Yuzu is best consumed when you are in the mood for something different than the usual. I do not recommend it for studying, exercising, focusing, partying, or really any specified task. It just tastes good and you can sip it while watching a movie or just enjoying yourself. I would definitely not buy it in bulk, but occasionally Triton Blood Orange Yuzu is a solid beverage.

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