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Sunshine Good Energy Lotus Pear

Essentially a light pear flavored sparkling water. Zero kick with only 70mg of caffeine. Inferior Sunshine flavor overall.

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For a beverage that has a horrible logo already with vomit yellow as the only color, a virtually nonexistent kick with only 70mg of caffeine per can (5.83mg/floz), and is not an actual energy drink, Sunshine Lotus Pear is ranked quite well. The point of this “energy water” it to allow you to relax without completely falling asleep. With zero calories, plenty of vitamins, and no artificial sweetener, this beverage is actually not that bad for you. While I enjoyed sipping on it, it lost points for not having a kick or living up to the wonderful taste of the blueberry lemonade Sunshine flavor (which is absolutely delicious).


Sunshine Lotus Pear will help you relax. It will honestly settle you down while providing a smooth mouth feel and tasting like pear flavored sparkling water. While it is enjoyable, I do not ever see myself having this again. Sunshine has better flavors, and I usually would prefer a highly caffeinated energy drink.


There is no kick at all whatsoever. This beverage cannot be used to keep you awake like most energy drinks as it simply does not have a high enough caffeine content. The mouthfeel is smooth (which is nice), but it detracts even further from any potential kick. If you are going to try a Sunshine, I recommend a different flavor.


Sunshine Lotus Pear is enjoyable in a relaxing setting, but delivers absolutely no kick. It is not worth purchasing again because Sunshine has superior flavors, and I would usually prefer a real energy drink anyway. You will probably enjoy Sunshine Lotus Pear a moderate amount, but you certainly could do better.

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