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Stacker 2 Extreme Energy Kickin Classic

Artificial taste of pop rocks and kool aid, but still quite enjoyable in moderation.

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Stacker 2 Extreme Energy Kickin Classic is an energy drink you know will taste extremely artificial just by looking at the can. Don’t get me wrong, it tastes really good, but the fake aftertaste holds this back to being above average at best. When cold, it tastes more like pop rocks and kool aid. When it starts to warm up a bit, the sour aftertaste becomes more pungent. It is excellent for those who love artificial sweeteners, but your worst nightmare if you prefer real sugar.


205mg of caffeine per can (17.08mg/floz) is the perfect amount of caffeine for a large portion of the population. It is not an overwhelming amount, and will make you feel good overall. Most drinks with a flavor this strong have more caffeine because the flavor is used to mask the bitterness. This is a solid amount of caffeine that will not make you overly jittery, despite the flavor and mouthfeel telling you that you’re in for a wild ride.


It is too artificial, even for me. I enjoy most artificial sweeteners more than real sugar, but this seems over the top. It is still quite enjoyable, but I would never buy this in bulk.


A fun, strong flavor and excellent caffeine content make this a solid overall energy drink. While enjoyable, I would not go out of my way to buy this in bulk. It is very artificial-tasting, and reminiscent of pop rocks and kool aid. It is great if you want to try something new, but certainly not for everyone.

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