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Sparkling Ice Caffeine Blue Raspberry

Incredible overall beverage that unfortunately lacks any real kick.

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Sparkling Ice +Caffeine Blue Raspberry is incredibly delicious and refreshing. It would be rated far higher than an 8.6/10 overall if there was more caffeine. The blue raspberry taste is one of the best for energy drinks in my opinion, and the mouthfeel is fantastic with an apparent bite on the first sip. Unfortunately, it only has 70mg of caffeine (4.38mg/floz). If this had triple its caffeine content, I would not hesitate to purchase Sparkling Ice Blue Raspberry in bulk.


The upside is essentially everything except for the kick. The appearance is awesome with a 9.3/10. The blue on blue with white writing actually inspired me to impulse buy this the first time I saw it. The mouthfeel is incredible. It almost tastes overly carbonated while still light to provide a uniquely refreshing feel to it. It is as if I am sipping this on the beach even while sitting indoors. The taste is also a 9.2/10, which is easily in the top 10% of beverages on this site. I cannot stand normal sparkling water or LaCroix, so comparing Sparkling Ice Blue Raspberry to those would be blasphemous.


The obvious downside is that the caffeine content is only 70mg per can leaving the kick practically nonexistent. It is a 2.1/10 and not a 1.1/10 only because the first sip is exciting. When you complete the beverage, however, you may be craving caffeine as much as you were before drinking this.


Sparkling Ice Blue Raspberry is elite in every way with the exception of kick. If the caffeine content were to triple, this could potentially make my top 10 list. It is refreshing, abundantly flavorful, and has an appealing and strong mouthfeel. I highly recommend this to people only looking for very low quantities of caffeine, but the truth is that I do not see how anyone would not enjoy this flavor.

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