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Sambazon Original Acai Berry

Awesome can. Not an awesome beverage. A pseudo-energy drink that tastes more like a bitter green tea than anything acai flavored.

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Sambazon Original Acai Berry could be much better than it is. The can looks awesome, and I was really excited to give this a try. It has an unnecessary amount of sugar for tasting mostly like bitter green tea. With a moderate caffeine content at 120mg per can (10mg/floz), there are so many better options out there.


This is a relatively smooth energy drink that is great for a midday pick-me-up. If you enjoy green tea and are not looking for something that actually tastes like an energy drink, you may enjoy this more than I do.


This does not feel like an energy drink to me. It is not sweet, it tastes like tea, and it does not deliver much of a kick. I personally thought that it was more on the bitter end, and do not see why this would be preferable for anyone over superior options.


Do not be fooled by the awesome can. Sambazon Original Acai Berry is not very flavorful and lacks a real kick. It may be fine as a midday boost, but I would recommend most other options on this site before telling anyone to go out of their way for a Sambazon Original Acai Berry.

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