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Rowdy Energy Strawberry Lemonade

Strong and bold flavor that demands attention. Taste of strawberry lemonade with a mild sour aftertaste. Overall above average energy drink.

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The flavor of Rowdy Strawberry Lemonade is exactly what you would envision for a strawberry lemonade energy drink. The only differences from the norm are a bold mouthfeel and sour aftertaste. It has a commanding flavor that really stands out from other strawberry lemonade energy drinks, and demands your attention upon every sip. While this energy drink is rather enjoyable, the flavor is not one I could ever rank as elite.


There are only 5 calories, but it does not directly taste like artificial sweetener. There is a prominent nearly indistinguishable flavor upon hitting your tongue that can only be from artificial sweetener, but it tastes much different from (and better than) most heavily artificial brands such as Rip It. The strawberry lemonade flavor is strong and rather unique as well. I would definitely recommend this flavor to someone who wants a bold flavor, but not get too revved up.


160mg of caffeine per can (10mg/floz) is a common amount that will not make you jittery, but also not deliver a significant kick. The feel upon hitting your tongue makes me want to rate kick a 9+/10, but the feeling afterwards from the caffeine is disappointing. Strawberry lemonade in general is quite delicious, but never good enough to demand anything above an 8/10. With a lower kick and above average flavor, 7.8/10 overall is extremely generous.


While I enjoyed this unique beverage very much, it has obvious flaws. There is no single purpose I would recommend having this beverage above any other, but it is worth the try if it is convenient for you to obtain. The kick is above average, the flavor is above average, and the appearance is even slightly above average. If you consume Rowdy Strawberry Lemonade, you will probably have an above average time. There is nothing wrong with that as it can be quite enjoyable, but you could also do much better.

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