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Rowdy Energy Chiseled Ice

A crisp and unique cherry flavor with a light sour aftertaste. 0 calories, but not artificial tasting. While not elite, I recommend this to anyone who enjoys cherry limeade.

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Rowdy Energy Chiseled Ice has a very unique flavor. It tastes like cherry limeade (although Rowdy has another flavor called "Cherry Limeade"), but leaves a light sour aftertaste that is unlike other cherry energy drinks. Since the primary sweeteners are erythritol (artificial) and stevia (natural), it does not taste as artificial as most of those made with aspartame or sucralose. It is oddly refreshing when cold, but gets slightly more sour and mildly bitter as it ages. Chiseled Ice really has a cool crisp feel that made me question whether it was cherry or something more unique (the can is blue and white, so cherry is not what I was expecting at all). While this was an overall enjoyable beverage, the taste nor kick are impressive enough to be considered elite.


The primary upside is the crisp unique cherry flavor with a light sour aftertaste. The can is the simple blue Rowdy logo over an off-white background, so the cherry flavor was unexpected. 160mg of caffeine per can (10mg/floz) is an average amount, so you know what you are going to get from the kick. It is perfectly average, and exactly what you would expect from a 160mg beverage. This is an upside because this drink is best used when relaxing or watching a movie in my opinion. It is strong enough to sip slowly and remain enjoyable while not delivering too much caffeine. I could definitely see myself making some nachos, grabbing a Rowdy Energy Chiseled Ice, and watching the entire LOTR series with the boys. I have no real explanation as to why that comes to mind when consuming this beverage, but it definitely makes me want to socialize and relax with some good friends.


Nothing about this beverage is elite. While the taste is above average and unique, it is not good enough to elicit anything better than a 7.7/10. The mouthfeel is certainly below average, and the aftertaste can become a bit tiresome. The redrinkability with any mildly sour beverage is pretty low in my opinion, so I would only recommend consuming this on rare occasion. While I thoroughly enjoyed drinking it, I prefer most other flavors to cherry limeade.


Rowdy Energy Chiseled Ice is a uniquely flavored beverage that has a slight sour cherry aftertaste and delivers an average kick. It is a solid drink to have when socializing or relaxing, but not to overly rev you up or consume while working. The flavor is bold and distracting, but the choice of sweeteners make it less artificial tasting than most other cherry limeade beverages. I recommend that everyone give this drink a try if you are in the mood for unique cherry energy drink, but it is not good enough to be consumed repeatedly.

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