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Rockstar XDurance Cotton Candy

Rockstar Cotton Candy tastes like cotton candy shoved in a caffeine filled vat of carbonated water. It is truly disgusting and not worth your time.

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Well here it is folks. Rockstar Cotton Candy is the lowest rated drink in my arsenal up to this point. I will edit this if that changes, but as long as you can read this, know that Rockstar Cotton Candy is at the bottom of my list. I would best describe this as a heavily carbonated liquid cotton candy. There is no doubt in my mind that a child came up with this idea. It is unfortunate that Rockstar’s worst tasting drink provides such an unbelievable kick, but such is life.


The can says gluten free and vegan on it. It also says “0 Sugar,” “BCAA Aminos,” “0 Calories,” “Electrolytes,” and “CO-Q10.” If you are a gluten free vegan on a diet and love cotton candy, well then this may just be the drink for you. It also delivers an incredible kick. Rockstar is highly carbonated and has a prominent mouth feel that would give you instant gratification if it only tasted better. With 300mg or caffeine per can (18.75mg/floz), the kick will always give you the energy you need. The can is awesome as well. The blue hexagons on a black background look like a futuristic beehive overlaid with the blue Rockstar logo. The blue pops as it is the only color on the can besides black and white. It pained me rating the can so highly because of how much I despise the drink itself, but it is one of Rockstar Cotton Candy’s most redeeming qualities.


I gave a very generous 1.1/10 overall instead of a 1 because to be honest, I enjoyed drinking it. The reason I enjoyed it is because I was with a bunch of friends who all expressed how awful it was and should have never been made. We had a lot of good laughs, so I boosted the rating by 0.1 for the enjoyment it gave me at the time. It is also hard to determine when Rockstar Cotton Candy is meant to be used. The taste is too distracting to sip while gaming, and it is not smooth at all and delivers more caffeine than necessary to help with studying. I believe it is used mostly as a preworkout or for a sporting event (it literally says “performance energy” on the can), but I do not see the need to stoop down to Rockstar Cotton Candy for that purpose. I would much rather have a better beverage before working out because the lingering taste of cotton candy is too distracting.


Rockstar Cotton Candy is among the worst energy drinks out there by any brand. Although it delivers a wonderful kick and has a cool looking can, that does not outweigh the residual taste of cotton candy in your mouth after you drink it. This may be a bold statement, but this is the worst beverage I have ever reviewed on this site. If you “Party like a Rockstar” with Rockstar Cotton Candy, “You’re gonna have a bad time.”

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