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Rockstar Thermo Neon Blast

The worst smelling energy drink out there. The terrible cotton candy taste lingers on your breath for hours. I do not recommend this drink to anyone.

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Thermogenic Neon Blast is the worst smelling energy drink you will ever have. The smell will also linger on your breath until you brush your teeth at least three times (I also recommend using baking soda, scrubbing your lips, washing your face, and using mouthwash as well). If you have a significant other, do yourself a favor and never purchase this beverage.


300mg of caffeine per can (18.75mg/floz) on top of a bold, nearly indistinguishable taste provides a solid kick. The can also looks above average with a multicolored “X” over a black background that is on top of blue flames surrounding “300mg of caffeine” in green text. If you do not care about taste, smell, or your breath for the next 24 hours and want a decent kick, this beverage remains an option.


The smell is putrid. The taste and mouthfeel are also terrible. Thermogenic Neon Blast will leave a horrible cotton candy taste in your mouth for a long time after consuming it. I do not recommend a beverage that smells this bad to anyone, even if you enjoy cotton candy flavors.


Rockstar Thermogenic Neon Blast is the worst smelling energy drink I have ever had. The mouth feel is subpar, and the cotton candy flavor tastes terrible. The smell lingers on your breath for way too long, and you may have to brush your teeth multiple times before it goes away. I would not recommend this drink to anyone.

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