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Rockstar Recovery Lemonade

Wonderfully refreshing; horrendous kick. Practically unparalleled when in need of a thirst-quenching energy drink, but not top tier for any other reason.

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Rockstar Recovery Lemonade may be my highest ranked non-carbonated, non-Monster Juice energy drink. It is incredibly refreshing and superior to most other Rockstar beverages. The taste is reminiscent of lemonade, but also gives off a strong Reign Lemon HDZ vibe (if said beverage were non-carbonated). It is superior overall to standard lemonade in my opinion, and one of the single best energy drinks to have if in need of a refreshment. While standard Rockstar energy drinks are generally inferior to most major brands, I have been rather impressed with some of their more unique editions.


The thirst-quenching capabilities of Rockstar Recovery Lemonade go unrivaled by mainstream energy drinks. I would like nothing more after a long bike ride in the hot summer sun. This factor alone makes it an 8.4/10 overall for me as there are not many other redeeming qualities. If you enjoy a smooth mouthfeel that resembles actual lemonade, then this is a great option for you. I also could see it being a wonderful mixer, but I have yet to try it.


The kick is practically negligible. With 160mg of caffeine (10mg/floz) and no carbonation, the initial sip along with the energy you feel upon completion leave something to be desired. If you are using this for virtually any reason other than as a refreshing thirst-quenching beverage, then you would probably benefit more from a different selection.


Rockstar Recovery Lemonade is a wonderfully refreshing energy drink that is paralleled by few. It is not, however, a top tier option for any reason. The taste is delicious, but the kick is horrendous. If you enjoy Reign Lemon HDZ, moderate quantities of caffeine, and actual lemonade, then you will probably enjoy this as much as I did.

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