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Rockstar Pure Zero Punched

An average fruit punch drink with a lot of artificial sweetener. The epitome of mediocrity and the definition of Rockstar beverages.

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Rockstar Pure Zero Punched is a very average energy drink. It has a fruit punch taste, which I normally do not prefer for an energy drink. 240mg of caffeine per can (15mg/floz) is a solid amount which will give you a decent kick. Rockstar is usually sweeter as it is, and the fruit punch flavor exacerbates that sweetness.


If you like fruit punch, you will love Rockstar Pure Zero Punched. The aspartame enhances the punch taste to make it an extra punchy punch. While that may sound ridiculous, you will know exactly what I mean upon taking your first sip. It also has 240mg of caffeine. Most 16oz energy drinks have around 160mg while others like Bang and Reign have 300mg. If you are an energy drink fanatic, 160mg probably will not do as much for you as it used to, and 300mg can still make you feel jittery. 240mg will give you a nice kick while not making you too jittery.


Fruit punch drinks are almost always subpar. Don’t hear what I’m not saying; I love fruit punch. Drinks with fruit punch flavors, however, are never that great in my opinion. I have this taste rated 4.8/10 because the aspartame taste makes the fruit punch taste more enjoyable. The beverage tastes cheap and fake, and I find it hard to recommend any Rockstar beverage when every comparable Monster flavor is superior.


The caffeine content is solid, but you will not like it if you don’t like fruit punch. It is an extra punchy fruit punch due to the excessive artificial sweetener. The can is average, the drink is average, and if you drink it, you will have a very average time. Be above mediocrity and find yourself a different beverage.

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