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Rockstar Juiced Pineapple Orange Guava

Unique guava flavor, but too much sweetener. The kick, mouthfeel, and appearance are lacking, but it can still be somewhat enjoyable in a relaxing setting.

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This Rockstar juice is a very interesting flavor. It seems like Rockstar is attempting to copy the Monster juices with the flavor and sweetness, but it is strictly worse. The taste is mostly guava, and it is unnecessarily sweet. The point of these complex flavors that are already light and sweet is to eliminate the need for high amounts of sweetener. Rockstar loves their sucralose, so they add a bit too much. While Rockstar Juiced Pineapple Orange Guava is not unpleasant, it could be a lot better.


The flavor is rather unique. It is nothing too special, but the strong guava taste with a splash of orange and pineapple is not something you can find easily. It is too strong and sweet to be called overly refreshing, but I could still see myself enjoying this flavor while relaxing on the beach.


The mouthfeel is not optimal, the sweetener is too strong, and the kick is average at best. The appearance of the can is rather boring, and there is nothing too redeemable about this besides the uniqueness of the flavor. With 160mg of caffeine per can (10.67mg/floz), the kick is average at best. Overall, there are far superior options.


Rockstar Juiced Pineapple Orange Guava is like the off-brand version of Monster juice. While it is moderately enjoyable, I would rather drink a Monster juice any day of the week. The uniqueness of the flavor is admirable, but the kick, appearance, and mouthfeel are all lacking.

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