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Rip It Tribute Wild Lime

No redeeming qualities. Very artificial tasting, just like every other Rip It. You are not missing out by avoiding Rip It entirely.

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Sugar Free Rip it Tribute Active Mandarin Live Wild Lime is way too long, so I will call it Wild Lime throughout this review. The best description for Wild Lime is that it tastes exactly like a Rip It. Rip It has such a distinct taste that all of their flavors taste nearly identical. It is mildly bitter with the same overall formula and a hint of whichever flavor they are trying to emulate. I believe all of my Rip It reviews fall between a 3.5/10 and 4.5/10 overall. Wild Lime may have a hint of lime, but the flavor mostly just tastes artificial.


You know what you are getting with any new Rip It Tribute. You will never be surprised because it is the same base sweetener taste every time. It also has 160mg of caffeine (10mg/floz), so this kick will be approximately the same for each as well. The biggest upside is the can. It has a soldier over digital camo with a star in the middle. It looks really cool, so it is a shame that the quality of the beverage does not match the look.


There are very few energy drinks out there that taste more artificial in my opinion. It overpowers the taste to the point of making all Rip It options taste similar. Wild Lime is also too subtle of a flavor for this strong of a beverage. Overall, I am just not a fan of this brand.


I would choose most energy drinks over Wild Lime. There are really no redeeming qualities, so a 3.9/10 overall is generous. I did not actively dislike drinking it per say, but I did wish I was consuming a different selection after every sip. You are not missing out on anything if you have never had a Rip It.

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