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Rip It Tribute C.Y.P.-X

There’s a reason I only ever find these at the Dollar Tree…

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How Rip It is still in business is beyond me. How they can release trash after trash energy drink and still continue to come out with new energy drinks makes no sense. Their website currently says “Re-Energizzed” across the home page with no further context, and I honestly don’t know how to feel about that. It would explain why their drinks taste so weird, but I digress. Rip It Tribute C.Y.P.-X not only has a stupid name, but it actually has an unrecognizable taste as well. It’s as if they squeezed half of a rotting orange into a vat of corn syrup and said, “Yeah, that’s the stuff.” I bought this once reluctantly, and highly regret that purchase already.


I guess the upside is that there is some semblance of an orange flavor. It isn’t all a vague artificial taste. Seriously though, if you are reading this and enjoy this beverage, please reach out to us and explain why.


The can appearance is fine at best, and that is the most redeeming part of this beverage. It is the most artificial drink I may have ever had, aside from other Rip Its of course, and has a poor orange flavor that is mostly masked by their obscenely strong-tasting energy drink formula.


Do yourself a favor. Go to our drink reviews page, sort by Shark Score, and get yourself something nice. Just writing this review left a bad taste in my mouth. Rip it Tribute C.Y.P.-X has no redeeming qualities, and I do not understand why the company continues to exist or ever even took off in the first place.

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