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Rip It Cherry Lime

Super artificial. Rip It is a subpar brand, but cherry lime is one of its better flavors. With an average amount of caffeine and no other redeeming qualities, I do not recommend this highly to anyone.

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Rip It Cherry Lime has an extremely artificial flavor to it. Rip It is not known for being a superior brand by any means with their overload of artificial sweeteners that overwhelm the flavor itself. That being said, Cherry Line is one of their better flavors. I only gave it a 4/10 overall, but it is still better than other Rip Its I have had in the past.


The main upside is the look. I gave appearance 8.6/10 because the can looks dope. It has the Rip It logo overtop of an American flag. A soldier is silhouetted on the front holding a flag, and I think that’s really cool. Rip It Cherry Lime also has a very moderate amount of caffeine at 160mg/can (10mg/floz). I usually put this same number in the downside when reviewing great drinks such as most Monster flavors, but there is not much else to put for upside unfortunately. A moderate amount of caffeine is good for the casual consumer, so it can still be a positive aspect.


The flavor itself is mediocre, but the overload of artificial sweeteners make this a 4/10 for taste. Cherry Lime sounds delicious in my opinion, but Rip It simply cannot do much correctly when it comes to energy drink flavors. Cherry Lime is probably one of the better flavors as I said in the intro, so giving it a 4/10 means most of Rip It’s beverages just are not that great.


I would look elsewhere for an energy drink no matter what the reason may be. “Rip It Cherry Lime” honestly sounds delicious, but you will be horribly disappointed. Rip It just does not know how to properly create an appealing energy blend, so they are generally lacking in taste, mouth feel, and general appeal. If you are out to experience new things in life, this beverage one you will not be disappointed passed you by.

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