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Reign Melon Mania

Most boring “Excellent” energy drink out there. It has everything it needs to be great, but it is missing some properties that would make it elite.

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Melon Mania tastes good, but it is nothing special. This is the most boring “Excellent” energy drink of all time. It has a solid kick with 300mg of caffeine (18.75mg/floz), a great mouthfeel because Reign energy drinks always have great mouthfeels, and a mixed melon flavor that you will certainly enjoy. The exact flavor is difficult to decipher, but the internet tells me that this is a mix of watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew. While I do not see how there is anyone who would not enjoy this beverage, I have a hard time seeing how it could be anyone’s all-time favorite either.


Reign Melon Mania has everything you need in an energy drink. It has a sweet melon-y taste, a solid amount of caffeine, and great mouthfeel. The kick is about as you would expect from 300mg of caffeine with nothing additional added from flavor. This is an enjoyable overall beverage, and I do not see a reason why anyone would not enjoy it.


I really cannot express why I find this beverage so boring. If someone made me drink this and asked how it was, I would probably say “eh, it’s good.” When asked if I was thoroughly enjoying it, I’d say “yup,” and if asked if it was great, I’d say “nah” with no further explanation. It is either missing something, or I am just being crazy after having consumed a string of fantastic energy drinks lately. So the downside is that there really are no specific downsides, but it could definitely be better overall.


Reign Melon Mania has every quality needed to be great, but I would not put it in any top 10 list. The kick and taste are up there, but could both be better. It is quite sweet and honestly deserved of its 8.1 overall; I just think that there is room for improvement.

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