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Reign Mang-O-Matic

A slightly superior blend of Rip It Tribute and Rockstar Thermo Neon Blast. This mango cotton candy mix is inferior to most Reign beverages, but an average choice when compared to most other brands.

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Reign Mang-O-Matic is an extremely artificial mango cotton candy taste. I am starting to think that I am harsher on these mixed mango beverages because I love mangos so much, and combining them with these other odd selections just ruins it for me. The excessive artificial cotton candy taste brings what should be a great beverage down to a 5.9/10. Reign does most things right across the board. The mouthfeel is great, and the caffeine content is high with 300mg per can (18.75mg/floz). Unfortunately, this specific flavor in combination with their energy blend and sweetener selection just does not do it for me.


A solid kick, decent flavor, and great mouthfeel make Reign Mang-O-Matic a solid option. Reign is among my highest recommended brands, so even their lesser flavors are superior to many. If you insist on having a mango cotton candy flavor, you could do a lot worse than the Reign rendition. If you want an actual great tasting beverage, try a different Reign. Chances are you will enjoy it more than Mang-O-Matic.


As far as Reign flavors, Mang-O-Matic falls short. I keep rating mixed mango flavors lower than most, but I swear I love mango. The artificial cotton candy flavoring is just too distracting. Mango is supposed to be an enjoyable and relaxing flavor. When you think of mango beverages, you think of relaxing on the beach with some friends, kicking back and getting some sun. Reign Mang-O-Matic is too bold and artificial for me to enjoy it as such, so it is rated lower than others. Also, the appearance is slightly below average because light teal and orange do not go well together. Besides the odd colors, Reign has a pretty solid logo.


As far as Reign beverages go, this is terrible. As far as energy drinks go in general, this is a fine option. The artificial flavor reminds me of Rip It, and the hint of cotton candy reminds me of Rockstar Thermo Neon Blast. I have Reign Mang-O-Matic rated higher than any Rip It flavor as well as Neon Blast, but it is a shame that I have to compare a Reign flavor to those horrible beverages. If you want a unique mango cotton candy flavor, you probably will not hate this beverage. If you want something refreshing and delicious, try a different Reign flavor.

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