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Reign Inferno True Blu

Highly redrinkable with a smooth and delicious flavor. A drink that seems to check all the boxes, but not particularly excel in any specific category.

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Reign Inferno True Blu has a much different mouth feel to me than the other Reign Infernos. It seems a lot smoother, and I contribute that difference to the taste. I have always loved “blue” beverages because on top of tasting delicious, they are usually smooth as well. A major complaint I had about other select Reign Infernos is that they were bitter due to a combination of taste and caffeine potency. It will surely rev you up with 300mg/can (18.75mg/floz), but you do not get the fizzy mouth feel of other 300mg Reigns.


The biggest unique upside of Reign Inferno True Blu to me is how smooth it is in comparison to its 300mg counterparts. Blue drinks are always smooth to me, and this one will still get you buzzing upon completion. Reign Inferno True Blu is also one of the only 300mg energy drinks I can use to sip slowly while focusing on a game or studying because the taste is not bold enough to distract you from the task at hand. There is not a major crash either due to not containing any sugar, and it is highly redrinkable with a smooth feel and delicious flavor.


The biggest downside to Reign Inferno True Blu is that if you do not like blue drinks, you will obviously not like this one. The taste would lead me to drink it slowly and in more of a casual setting, but the 300mg of caffeine beg to differ. I enjoyed this drink very much on its own, but if you are actively looking to find a drink suited for a specific purpose, Reign Inferno True Blue is probably not the best fit. For example, you are looking for something to help you focus. While this drink is smooth and not distractingly bold, the caffeine content is too high for most people. If you are looking for a pick-me-up, this drink has a high caffeine content, but does not provide that immediate kick due to a mellow mouth feel. I would only recommend people more accustomed to caffeine to consume this in a casual setting.


If you like the typical “blue” flavor, you will probably enjoy Reign Inferno True Blu. It is a smooth beverage with a very high caffeine content. If you want a drink that is smooth and will get you buzzing, Reign Inferno True Blu is the drink for you. If you do not like blue drinks or are not accustomed to such high caffeine consumption, you should look elsewhere.

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