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Raze Strawberry Colada

A unique strawberry taste, great mouth feel, and high caffeine content that will leave you wanting more.

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Raze Strawberry Colada has a slightly artificial taste, but is overall delicious and has a unique flavor. Strawberry is a flavor you will not find everywhere, and Raze does it better than most. A lot of artificial strawberry beverages have a mild bitter aftertaste, but Raze Strawberry Colada leaves you wanting more. With 300mg/can (18.75mg/floz), the kick is outstanding and can help you in any performance-based activity.


The pink can is dope. I love pink, and the black raze symbol on top of a bright almost neon pink can really sticks out as unique to me. The caffeine content is also great for an energy drink fanatic because 300mg/can is nearly double the content of many popular beverages such as standard Monster and Red Bull (while it is the same as Reign and Bang). It has a solid amount of carbonation and provides a great mouth feel. The flavor is unique and will leave you wanting more.


Although this is delicious for a strawberry beverage, there is something holding me back from truly enjoying the taste. Maybe I just am not as big of a fan as most people on strawberry beverages. Besides this, there is nothing I can say the deters me from pursuing Raze Strawberry Colada. If you are sensitive to caffeine, I would not recommend any 300mg energy drink, but I assume most people reading this know what they are doing.


Raze Strawberry Colada is a delicious beverage that has a strong combination of a high caffeine content, great mouth feel, unique and enjoyable taste, and a dope can. I would rate it even higher if I enjoyed the strawberry flavor just a bit more. Overall, this is in the upper echelon of energy drinks, and is worth a try.

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