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Quake Orange Fusion

Bitter orange creamsicle taste. Good kick with only 10 calories, but there are far superior energy drinks. My rank of 4.4/10 is rather generous.

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Quake Orange Fusion tastes very similar to Reign Orange Dreamsicle. It has the taste of an orange creamsicle, but there are some distinct differences. Since There is not as much artificial sweetener in Quake, it has a mildly bitter aftertaste. I would say it is softer than other beverages because it is not quite as sweet or bold as some other orange drinks. Overall, I enjoyed it more than Reign Orange Dreamsicle, but most orange drinks (such as Crush and Fanta) are far superior in taste.


Like all Quake, it does not have much artificial sweetener. If you do not like that “aspartame-y” taste, this is good news for you. It also has 250mg of caffeine per can (15.625/floz), which is a solid amount for any energy drink. It has more than most standard (160mg) and less than most “performance enhancing” (300mg) energy drinks, so it usually delivers a strong kick without making you too jittery (assuming that you have some level of caffeine tolerance).


The taste is the worst of all Quakes in my opinion. The bitter orange creamsicle taste is not my first choice for any beverage, and is disgraceful to other orange drinks being called “Orange Fusion.” Quake generally does a great job of masking the bitterness with sweet flavors rather than using excessive amounts of artificial sweetener, but this one does not fit the bill.


Quake Orange Fusion tastes like an orange creamsicle, which is not a good flavor for an energy drink in my opinion. Since Quake does not use as much artificial sweetener as other brands, there is a bitter taste from the caffeine that is not masked by the flavor. I ranked Quake Orange Fusion (4.4/10) better than Reign Orange Dreamsicle (3.3/10), but I would not recommend either of them. The can looks sleek with a bright neon orange under the red Quake logo, and the caffeine content is nice at 250mg/can. While these are above average variables, you can find much better beverages with superior metrics all around.

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