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Quake Black Cherry

Black cherry is delicious. It is smooth, has a solid caffeine content, and does not have an overwhelming amount of artificial sweetener (even though it has no sugar). Highly recommended to all.

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Black cherry is a wonderful taste for an energy drink. It is delicious while masking the bitterness of caffeine without the need for too much artificial sweetener. When I initially heard that Quake was a 7-11 brand, I did not have high expectations. Quake Black Cherry has surpassed all expectations, and I highly recommend it to anyone who has not tried it yet.


The major upside is the taste. Black cherry is among the best tasting Quakes (right up there with Berry Blast) in my opinion. It tastes more natural than you would expect for a drink with 5 Calories (0 sugar). Another upside is the kick. The caffeine content is wonderful at 250mg per can (15.625/floz). It will still wake you up thoroughly, but does not quite have as much as Bang or Reign which can make people jittery (with 300mg). The only reason the kick is not higher is because of the mouth feel. I like the mouth feel as it is smoother than most energy drinks with this much caffeine (no causation, just an observation). There really is not much of a bite, so it is still enjoyable to have while doing a low-key activity. Also, the can looks really cool. I do not think the Quake logo is anything special, but the sleek purplish-pink can really pops.


There is not much downside to Quake Black Cherry. If you do not like the black cherry taste, you will not like this one as much. The only reason it is not rated higher is because I think it could be improved. Adding sugar or some artificial sweetener could enhance the taste by making it sweeter in my opinion. It is not too bitter per say, but it could afford some extra sweetener.


Overall, Quake Black Cherry is a fantastic beverage. For not having many downsides, I rated this surprisingly low. 8.3/10 is still a wonderful rating for a drink that could afford improvements. If you like black cherry (which we all do), then I recommend this drink. Next time I try it, I am going to add one drop of liquid Splenda to see if it makes a difference. It is not as sweet as many energy drinks with similar caffeine contents, but it is a delicious beverage that is worth going out of one's way to obtain.

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