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Quake Berry Blast

Delicious mixed berry flavor. Could be improved with a bit of extra sweetener, but is still my favorite Quake flavor.

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Quake Berry Blast is probably my favorite Quake to date. It literally tastes like a blast of berries. In true Quake fashion, there is not as much artificial sweetener leaving a mild bitter taste from the caffeine. The sweetness and potency of the berry taste overwhelm the bitterness leaving a great aftertaste without the need for as much sweetener. It also has 250mg of caffeine (15.625/floz), which is a perfect amount for an energy drink in my opinion.


The biggest upside to Quake Berry Blast is the flavor. I like sweet energy drinks, so I generally rank the ones with more artificial sweetener higher. This is an exception because the sweetness of the flavor stands on its own. The mixed berry taste is like a berry explosion in your mouth, and you will be upset once it is over. The amount of caffeine is also an upside as it has 250mg. If you have read any of my other Quake reviews, you already know that I like most numbers between 160 and 300 as a firm middle ground between casual and “performance enhancing.” I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a new energy drink.


This would be rated a whole point higher overall if it had enough aspartame to mask the bitterness. I like how Quake and Triton differ from other brands by not adding as much artificial sweetener, but my personal preference happens to be those with more sweetener.


Quake Berry Blast has a delicious mixed berry taste, and is one of my favorite energy drink flavors. It is a little bitter, and could afford a bit of extra sweetener in my opinion. 250mg of caffeine is the perfect amount to give you a solid kick without making you too jittery. I highly recommend Quake Berry Blast to anyone who wants to try something delicious, but does not like the pungent taste of artificial sweetener that resides in most zero sugar energy drinks.

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