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OCA Mango

Excellent gummy bear smell, but lacking in taste, appearance, and kick.

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Let me start by saying that bees go absolutely nuts over this stuff. Mine exploded in my bag while hiking, and bees chased me around Puerto Rico for what felt like miles. This allowed me to really get a good smell of it, which honestly impressed me greatly. The fruity gummy bear flavor smelled absolutely delicious. Unfortunately, the taste was significantly less impressive.


The upside is the smell. It really smells incredible, just ask the bees! The taste for a plant-based energy drink was quite good. That said, the bar for the taste of plant-based energy drinks is very low.


The taste, appearance, and kick are the downsides. No, really, it was quite disappointing after the amazing smell. A 6.1 taste grade is not awful, but that is because it is impressive for being plant-based, and I enjoy mango-flavored beverages more than most. The can is bland, and the kick is low with only 120mg of caffeine per can (10mg/floz).


While the 5.9 overall grade could be worse, it certainly fails to impress. The taste, appearance, and kick are all subpar, along with an unimpressive mouthfeel. The only redeeming qualities are that this is the mango edition, and that it smells incredible. Don’t waste your time with this energy drink; there are many better options out there.

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