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O2 Oxygenated Recovery Orange Mango

Non-carbonated, smooth beverage that is all around subpar. Orange mango should be far superior as a flavor, and the kick is nonexistent. I do not recommend this to energy drink enthusiasts.

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Oxygenated Recovery Orange Mango is non-carbonated and going down very smoothly. While the orange mango flavor sounds spectacular in theory, this drink tastes closer to a melted orange popsicle. There is nothing too special about it, and it would definitely be better carbonated. It feels like you are drinking tea, but even the Monster Tea editions are superior to Oxygenated Recovery Orange Mango. Overall, I am disappointed in this beverage.


It is incredibly smooth, and could be tasty if you are not a fan of carbonation. I could see someone who usually loves tea and wants to try something different really enjoying this as a change of pace option. It does not contain many of the “questionable” ingredients that most standard energy drinks have in their blend, and really can be quite refreshing post-workout. Oxygenated Recovery Orange Mango has 140mg of caffeine (8.75mg/floz), so it will not make someone who is unaccustomed to caffeine jittery while waking them up and hydrating them better than most other energy drinks would. Unfortunately, hydration and recovery are not primary considerations when ranking an energy drink.


The taste is disappointing for an orange mango beverage. It sounds so sweet and refreshing, but is unfortunately very average in both of those categories. There are only 2g of sugar, leaving artificial sweetener to mask the bitterness. Unfortunately, they use erythritol (supposedly the healthiest artificial sweetener) which does not do the best job at masking the natural bitterness of caffeine. This is not as noticeable ice cold, but becomes more apparent as it starts to warm to room temperature. The kick is practically nonexistent with a low amount of caffeine and lack of carbonation. While the mouth feel alone would leave this a 0/10 kick, the fact that there is enough caffeine to wake up most people forces me to raise it to a 1.2/10. I do not personally recommend this drink to most people.


Oxygenated Recovery Orange Mango is a recovery drink, not an energy drink. If you think that you will have a stimulating mouth feel and buzz from the caffeine, you are sorely mistaken. If you enjoy mediocre flavors (although orange mango should be delicious, I am still thoroughly disappointed) and smooth hydrating beverages with very little other effect, this may be the beverage for you. You could also have flavored water and hydrate even better since caffeine is a diarrhetic, but I digress. The mediocre flavor, smoothness, and honestly uniqueness of this beverage leave it as a 3.8/10 overall. The carbonated versions are slightly superior, so I would not waste your time with the non-carbonated Oxygenated Recovery Orange Mango.

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