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NOS GT Grape

An average grape energy drink with a smooth mouth feel and moderate amount of caffeine. NOS always helps me concentrate, but it will not amp you up in any capacity.

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NOS GT Grape tastes like a mild grape Fanta. It is much smoother and provides a far superior mouth feel, but the flavor is not as pronounced. This is not a bold beverage, but one you would drink when focusing on a game or writing a paper. There is no suddenness when it hits your mouth, it just is a casual beverage and should be consumed as such. The caffeine content is average at 160mg/can (10mg/floz), the appearance is average (it would be below average, but I love the color purple), the taste is average, and the drink itself is very mediocre.


The primary upside by far is the mouth feel. NOS GT Grape is smooth as all NOS are, and it goes down with ease. There is a low kick as the caffeine content is average and the carbonation is low. Because it has 52g of sugar, there is not an artificial taste like there is in most beverages. It says on the front “Natural and Artificial Flavor,” and energy drink fanatics can tell that it is more natural than most. Another upside is that grape is a delicious flavor. This is not my favorite grape beverage by any means, but the fact that it is grape bumped the overall up from a 5/10 (dead average) to a 5.1/10 game-changing, I know).


The downside is that there is a crash due to all the sugar. The crash is not super noticeable as there is not much of a kick to wake you up in the first place. NOS GT Grape will help you focus, but it will by no means wake you up for any sort of event that requires excessive energy. I would never use this drink specifically to enhance weightlifting, sports performance, or competing in any capacity. Do not be fooled by the can saying “HIGH PERFORMANCE ENERGY” on the front. All NOS say that, and any energy drink company is allowed to say that on the can as it is technically considered true for any caffeinated beverage.


Sit down, relax, and enjoy drinking NOS GT Grape. It will help you focus due to NOS having a smooth mouth feel and not being a bold beverage in general. It is a very average beverage, and it should be consumed accordingly. I am not going to recommend against having one, but you could definitely do better (especially for grape beverages).

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