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Monster Zero Ultra

One of the most tasteful and unique energy drinks out there. Could be rated closer to a 10 out of 10 overall if it weren’t for the lack of caffeine. I highly recommend that everyone tries this at least once.

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White Monster is historically my favorite energy drink. Back in high school, all I drank were NOS (original) and White Monsters. Now that I have tried essentially every drink available to me, White Monster has taken a bit of a back seat. That being said, each sip fills me with nostalgia on top of already being delicious. It does not have much caffeine at only 140mg/can (8.75mf/floz – I could have sworn it used to be 160/can, but my colleagues tell me I am incorrect), but still will get the job done for a casual energy drink. It has only 10 calories with no sugar, so you do not experience much of a crash at all. While White Monster has always been one of my favorites, the taste has fallen from my originally rated 10 all the way down to a 9.1 since I have been able to experience such a large variety of drinks at this point.


The only real reason I gave White Monster a 9.1 out of 10 instead of a 10 overall is due to the lack of caffeine. This means that everything else about it is amazing. It is very unique with a distinct taste that is nigh indescribable (I guess technically citrus, but it does not feel like a citrus beverage to me). The can looks cool with an all white background, it is easily accessible in most places around the U.S., and it is one of the most enjoyable drinks out there. I recommend everyone reading this to try White Monster at some point if you have not already.


As I said earlier, the biggest downside is the lack of caffeine. While many Monsters have 160mg caffeine (which already was not a ton), Monster Zero Ultra only has 140mg. Because of this, the amount of artificial energy you feel from White Monster is much less than most other energy drinks. The only other downside would be that it may not feel as smooth as some of the other Ultras as it seems to fizz more upon hitting your tongue. This is one of those times where I believe that the mouth feel not being as smooth actually enhances the taste, but since there are not many downsides to this beverage, I figured this was a good place to mention it.


White Monster is what I consider the gold standard in terms of enjoyment. Unfortunately there is not enough caffeine for me to consider it the best of all time, but it is certainly up there. It is an overall 9.1 out of 10 due to the lack of a strong kick. If there was more caffeine and all other features remained the same, I would consider rating this closer to 10. It is just that good.

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