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Monster Ultra Paradise

A sweetened green apple beverage that tastes wonderful while relaxing by the beach. It is good every once in a while, but I would not buy this in bulk.

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Monster Ultra Paradise is the sour apple version of Monster. I do enjoy sour apple occasionally, but Monster does it a bit differently than most. Instead of a sour aftertaste, it is actually quite sweet. I enjoy the taste much more than most similar beverages. I would say it is a much sweeter and less sour version of NOS Sonic Sour. (which I compared to green apple Smirnoff). It only has 140mg (8.75mg/floz) caffeine per can, so the kick is underwhelming compared to most. The only reason it got a 3.5 and not lower is because the mouth feel is quite prominent. Monster overall does a good job at maintaining a low to moderate level of carbonation, and Monster Ultra Paradise is no different.


After consuming most of the beverage, Monster Ultra Paradise tastes more and more like a green jolly rancher. If you enjoy green jolly ranchers, then you will love this drink. Although I have not yet personally tried this, I feel that this sweetened green apple flavor would be a great mixer. I said something similar for its comp (NOS Sonic Sour), and can confirm that it is a wonderful mixer. I just have yet to try its Monster counterpart. Monster Ultra Paradise also has zero calories and feels like something you would drink on the beach. Monster generally does a great job with the Ultra editions, and Monster Ultra Paradise is no exception.


Monster Ultra Paradise has a very low redrinkability factor. It is good once, but gets a little tiresome and boring upon repeated use. I mentioned earlier that it is great to consume while relaxing on the beach or by the pool, but it does not serve much of any other purpose. It does not feel as smooth as other Ultras simply due to its sour nature despite having the same level of carbonation, and its flavor is too distracting to assist you efficiently with studying or concentrating. Its caffeine content is too low to wake you up enough for a sporting event like a 240mg or 300mg drink would. The can is also pretty average with the monster logo over a light green background (average appearances never play into my rating of the beverage). I would not go out of my way to get this drink more than every once in a while.


The upshot is if you like sour apple flavors, you will probably love Monster Ultra Paradise. It is sweeter than most, which makes it better in my opinion. If you do not like green jolly ranchers, then find a different beverage. There is no reason to go out of your way to purchase a flavor you do not like. I rated it a 6.7 overall because I find it to be an above average beverage. Although I enjoy it occasionally, it has a low redrinkability rate, and I would rather diversify my beverages than stick with one that will be tiresome sooner rather than later. If you like sour apple beverages, you will probably enjoy Monster Ultra Paradise more than most.

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