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Monster Ultra Fiesta

A very passive energy drink that delivers no real kick. It is a relaxing mellow mango taste with a wonderful mouth feel, but it will not rev you up as most other energy drinks will.

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Monster is one of my favorite brands, and while Monster Ultra Fiesta is close to that top tier of Monster Energy Drinks to me, it does not quite live up to the standards set by some of the other Ultras. The taste is wonderful, but pretty mellow. The aftertaste and mouth feel are amazing, but the kick is almost nonexistent. With 150mg caffeine per can (9.375mg/floz), it has less than Monster Original and does not rev you up by any means.


Monster Ultra Fiesta is a great beverage to be had casually. You can sip on it with ease, and it is smooth and can be refreshing when cold. The taste is honestly hard to describe because while it almost tastes like juice, it does not taste like a specific kind of juice to me. It definitely has a mango resonance, but it is not very prominent. The redrinkability rate is very high as well. I honestly did not like this option as much when I initially had it, but after buying it in bulk at Costco, I have learned that I can drink this daily and still enjoy it. Monster Ultra Fiesta is great like all Monster Ultras, but it is slightly inferior to the top Ultras in my opinion.


The major downside to Monster Ultra Fiesta is that there is no real kick. It almost tastes like juice to me (obviously not to the extent of Monster Juice as it is still carbonated, but the mild flavor and low carbonation do make it very mellow), and it does not give any sort of tingly sensation upon hitting your mouth. It certainly will not help keep you awake as much as its Monster counterparts, and may as well be named Monster Ultra Siesta. I would overall consider this a very passive energy drink.


If you are looking for a very passive energy drink that has a light yet enjoyable taste, then this is the drink for you. If you want any real kick or a drink that will rev you up, then look elsewhere. I rated it a 7.9/10 overall because while it is enjoyable to consume daily and has a solid taste for a Monster Ultra, it does not possess some key qualities I look for in an energy drink. It is quite refreshing in and of itself, but does not give that desired kick or eye-opening moment (literally, not figuratively) I enjoy so much after consuming an energy drink.

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