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Monster Ultra Blue

Underwhelming for a Monster Ultra. Low kick and average taste. It is fine overall, but there are far superior blue energy drinks.

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Monster Ultra Blue is a decent energy drink. Most of the Monster Ultras are incredible, but this one is just average. The energy blend is the same as the other Ultras, so the mouth feel and aftertaste are fantastic. The blue raspberry flavor just does not do it for me. I love most blue beverages, but the raspberry is not ideal. The kick is also lower than most other energy drinks because it only has 140mg of caffeine (8.75mg/floz) per can.


The upside is that it is a Monster Ultra. This means the mouth feel and general sweet aftertaste are phenomenal. If I were judging drinks exclusively by these categories, it would be a 9+/10. The can also looks pretty cool. I like how the silver, black, and blue look integrated. This is one of my favorite Monster Ultra cans when really looking closely.


The kick is terrible. 140mg will not do much to people with a caffeine tolerance. I recently got one to watch during the Thursday night football game, and kept almost falling asleep. That may say more about my caffeine habits than the drink itself, but the point still stands. The blue raspberry flavor is not my favorite. It tastes decent and is very smooth, but I was expecting more from a blue Monster Ultra.


Monster Ultra Blue is smooth and sweet like all Monster Ultras, but the kick and flavor leave something to be desired. While it is an enjoyable beverage, the low caffeine content and raspberry taste are not what I am looking for in an energy drink. This review may seem negative for a beverage rated 6.8/10 overall; I was just expecting more from it. Monster Ultra Blue is not bad by any means, I just would not go out of my way to have another.

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