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Monster Rehab Tea Peach

Tastes like tea with slightly more caffeine. If you do not like Arizona Iced Tea, you will not enjoy this beverage.

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For a noncarbonated energy drink, Monster Rehab Peach Tea is quite good. It tastes like a slightly sweeter Arizona Iced Tea, but provides more caffeine. I know it is more appealing to those who are not energy drink fanatics because it does not have as much of an “artificial candy taste” (direct quote from an individual I know who does not like energy drinks). However, this is an energy drink review, and as far as energy drinks go, Monster Rehab Peach Tea is not near the top of the list.


The upside is that it seems to hydrate you and may feel nice to drink on a hot summer’s day. It is very smooth due to no carbonation, and sweet for a drink with 160mg/ of caffeine (10/floz). It is a very average energy drink, but if you enjoy Arizona Tea, you will enjoy Monster Rehab Peach Tea. The redrinkability rate is quite high as well. If you like it once, you will like it 1000x over. If you do not like tea, you will not enjoy it once and therefore the redrinkability factor is moot.


It does not provide much of a kick. The mouth feel is not exciting in the least, and it is not a drink that will rev you up. It is a better substitute for tea than it is an energy drink, so I would not recommend using this to enhance any given situation (gaming/sports/studying/etc.) because other energy drinks will simply outclass it. The appearance is very average with the Monster logo over a lava-like background of white, orange, and red-ish colors. There is nothing really special about Monster Rehab Peach Tea.


Monster Rehab Peach Tea is an average energy drink that tastes similar to Arizona Iced Tea. It is a little sweeter with a bit more caffeine, but the lack of carbonation makes them virtually indistinguishable. I rated this a 6.5 overall because I enjoyed it as a change of pace from other energy drinks, but I would not recommend it to an energy drink fanatic.

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