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Monster Rehab Tea Lemonade

Non carbonated tea-like beverage that is refreshing, but does not feel like a true energy drink. If you are an energy drink fanatic, I would not recommend this. If you want to chill and drink overly caffeinated tea, this will be better suited for you.

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This is my first drink where the overall is higher than any of the other categories. The reason is because while Monster Rehab Energy Iced Tea is not carbonated, delicious, and does not deliver much kick, it is smooth and wildly refreshing. If you want a smooth tea-like beverage that has 170mg of caffeine (10.625mg/floz) and feels hydrating, Monster Rehab Energy Iced Tea is superior to most energy drinks. Since the purpose of energy drinks is generally not to hydrate or relax you, this receives a 4.6/10 from me.


As I said, Monster Rehab Energy Iced Tea is incredibly smooth. If you exercise vigorously, then immediately after have an event you are too tired to attend, this may just be your beverage. The kick is pretty average, and it should refresh you enough to wake you up for your responsibilities or prior commitments. I can see this being a nice drink to sip while relaxing, but there are still energy drinks I recommend above Monster Rehab Energy Iced Tea for those purposes. If you do not like energy drinks and want a sweet tea-like caffeinated beverage, then you may just love Monster Rehab Energy Iced Tea. It also has 3g of sugar, which is kind of odd, but that on top of 25 total Calories could be appealing to some as well.


I always drink these way too quickly. The lack of carbonation makes it not feel like an energy drink to me. 170mg of caffeine gives a 10-30mg bonus over most other Monsters, but that is not enough to make a huge difference. In the end, this does not feel like a real energy drink to me, and is therefore not worth the time for energy drink fanatics.


If you want a relaxing tea-like drink with a bit more caffeine than regular tea, then you will enjoy this non-carbonated beverage. If you want an energy drink, this is not for you. It is an imposter, a pseudo energy drink, and should really be called something else in my opinion. That being said, it is refreshing and has its redeeming qualities, so maybe you will like it more than I.

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