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Monster Mule

Tastes like a sugary ginger explosion in your mouth. Cloying in nature without many redeemable qualities. The can is super cool, but I would look elsewhere for a better beverage.

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The first time I was out and saw Monster Mule, I had to get one immediately. Monster is overall an excellent brand, and this was the coolest looking can I had seen in a while. Unfortunately, I was so gung ho on trying it, that I did not read the can. “Ginger Brew,” it says, which is not my first choice for an energy drink. In fact it is one of my least favorite tastes. I feel like I am drinking this for the sole purpose of settling my stomach while sick. Maybe it is good to settle your stomach, but I would never voluntarily drink it again for pleasure.


The biggest upside is the can. With a bold bronze logo and ivy surrounding it over a black background, Monster Mule has one of the coolest cans I have ever seen. It also has 160mg caffeine per can (10mg/floz), which is more than a lot of other Monsters which have been decreased to the 140-155mg range. The moderate carbonation and smoothness of the drink together with its ginger flavor combine to create a caffeinated drink that is probably easier on an upset stomach than most.


Monster Mule tastes like a sugary ginger explosion in your mouth. It is an excessively sweet nonalcoholic version of a Moscow Mule. If you enjoy ginger, you may like this drink. Just be aware of the other components such as sugar content and impracticality of the flavor to assist in completing tasks.. If you like ginger and want to give this drink a try, be my guest. If the flavor does not deter you, maybe the fact that you get a greater crash from this 160mg caffeine drink than most 300mg beverages. With 52g of sugar, Monster Mule is unnecessarily sweet and is cloying over time. It has a low redrinkability rate due to its distinct taste and treacle nature. It also is not ideal for any specific scenario in my opinion. I would never drink this leisurely due to its poor taste, it does not have enough caffeine (and too much sugar) to be optimal pre workout or sporting event, and although smooth, would distract you from studying or gaming with its bold taste. If you really like excessively sweet and sugary ginger drinks, you may enjoy this. I would personally look elsewhere.


Monster Mule is receiving a 2.4 out of 10 in my book, but that may be highly contested. I personally do not enjoy ginger beverages as much, and that flavor on top of a high sugar content, high probability of a crash, low caffeine content compared to the crash severity, impracticality of the flavor, and overall lack of personal enjoyment deter me from ever having one again. The can is awesome and this is probably one of the few times I felt the need to buy a beverage simply off of looks. It may look cool, but do not let that fool you. Monster Mule is one of my least favorite energy drinks, and I would look elsewhere for enjoyment.

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